Vesper Specialty Pharmacy isn't just your average pharmacy.

Meet Dr. Koroghli

Vesper Specialty Pharmacy is the brainchild of Dr Joshua Koroghli. Since graduating from pharmacy school with the prestigious Deans Award from Roseman University of Health Sciences in Henderson, NV, it has been his dream to open a place to call his own. Dr Koroghli has experience in many facets of pharmacy and healthcare, from retail, compounding, specialty to home-infusion. He grew tired of seeing the lack of patient interaction brought on by being in busy corporate pharmacies and it was then when he decided it was time for a change.

We don't dispense medication, we dispense well-being.

Meet Zac

Zachary Connell is a board certified Pharmacy Technician who has been in the retail business for 14+ years and a technician for 10+. The one thing he cares about the most is developing a personal bond and helping patients the best he can. He goes above and beyond to exceed all expectations and ensure each and every patient is well taken care of.

The Joint Force

Together they form a powerhouse of knowledge and customer service unrivalled by anywhere else.

Introducing Vesper Specialty Pharmacy. A place where you can come in, and have a personal relationship with the people who really care for you. We promise to do everything we can in our power to make sure you get your medications correctly and on time. It's that mom and pop vibe with some flair. Don't be mistaken... this is no corporate chain.

We have service with a smile, and we go the extra mile.

We don't dispense medicine, we dispense well-being.

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No Long Lines and no long waits. We are NOT a corporate chain. Come join our family.

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