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Mom and Pop Service at Its Finest!

At Vesper Specialty Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on providing the best service for our customers. That is a cornerstone of our business model. Our commitment to excellence means that we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of care and attention when the need it the most. 

Vesper Specialty Pharmacy Services
What We Offer

Services That Takes Good Care of You

Med Synchronization

Here at Vesper using our advanced software, we can coordinate with your insurance plan and physicians to optimize your medications  and line them up on the same day, every month.

Prior Authorizations/Refill Request

No longer will you have to worry about Prior Authorizations taking 2 weeks at a normal pharmacy, we will coordinate with your physician and handle them directly for you, helping you get your medications quicker.

Medication Consultation/Management

Have questions about your medications or your regimen? Feeling side-effects? We can review, answer questions and work with your physician to recommend appropriate changes to medication/regimen to benefit your health and your quality of life.


Direct delivery to your door for qualifying patients. Products available in the storefront will also be made available to you at the same time. No more trips to the busy drug store required!

Personal Care/Hygiene

From shaving products, dental, foot care, first aid to Female needs. We have it all.


We offer a full selection of snacks and beverages to satisfy your palette.

OTC Vitamins/Herbals

We carry most vitamins, and get special order for next day!


We are a proud partner of LienRx. We work directly with your physician and attorney to get your prescriptions filled fast with no insurance or out of pocket costs!


Our Immunization specialist will help you stay up-to-date on recommended vaccines. Walk-ins welcome, or schedule an appointment. 


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Frequently Ask Questions

Quick answers to questions you may have.
A: Vesper Specialty Pharmacy focuses on providing personalized and patient-centered care. They offer fast and friendly service, medication synchronization, assistance with prior authorizations, medication consultations, and convenient home delivery. They strive to make your experience unique and prioritize your well-being.
A: No, with Vesper Specialty Pharmacy’s advanced software, they automatically coordinate with your insurance plan and physicians to ensure that all of your medications are refilled and ready for pickup or delivery on the same day every month. This eliminates the need for you to make refill requests manually.
A: Vesper Specialty Pharmacy works directly with your physician to handle prior authorizations. This helps expedite the process and ensures that you can receive your medications more quickly, without the usual two-week waiting period that can occur at other pharmacies.
A: Yes, Vesper Specialty Pharmacy offers medication consultations and management services. If you have any questions or concerns about your medications or are experiencing side effects, their team can review your medications, provide answers, and collaborate with your physician to recommend appropriate changes to your medication regimen.
A: Yes, Vesper Specialty Pharmacy offers home delivery services. As Las Vegas’s #1 Delivery Pharmacy, they deliver medications to your doorstep. They accept all major insurances and also offer competitive cash prices.

These FAQs and answers provide a general overview,  reach out to us directly by calling 702-333-4377.

Looking For Something in Particular?

Many special order items available. Get in touch with your needs. We can definitely help you.